Waleed Arshad

I migrated a running app and a published package to null safety, and it was awesome!

What is state restoration? Learn how to use it in Flutter to restore scrolled pages and textfield when application is killed by OS

A post-league synopsis on how to conduct an online Quiz Competition

Correct answers + Fastest fingers first = Flutter Box 📦

Dragon curve fractal in Flutter using custom painter (inspired by a java code and converted to dart)

Ever wonder? If painted in a progression, what wonders a single line can do!

Flutter is open to everything, so why not use a hybrid approach to architecture and manage your application!

This is what we are trying to build

GDE — the psychology of ultimate altruism

Image by NUST Community Services Club News — text written by me.
  • What is Google Developer Experts Program
  • The philosophy of GDE (to the best of my understanding)
  • A little…

Waleed Arshad

You probably know me.

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